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Web3 Apps

Reddio zkVM is a secure, low-cost, developer friendly Ethereum Layer 2, powered by Starknet Stack, built to bring the next billion users to Web3.


Massive scale securely

By validating off-chain transactions with STARK proofs and sending the proofs to Ethereum, Reddio zkVM provides massive scale and security derived from Ethereum. It’s 100x faster than Ethereum. Support with rolling up your own Appchain on L2/L3 is coming soon.

Better UX with little gas fee

With native Account Abstraction, developers can build much smooth user experience with even like Web2 experience, meanwhile the gas cost is lowered to 100x cheaper than Ethereum to help with the adoption.

Developer friendly

With prebuilt smart contract templates, and easy-to-use dashboard, developers can use their programming language they are familiar to get simple tasks done in 5 mins.


Developers can deploy any business logic on zkVM, with Cairo, a Rust-inspired Turing complete language, for DeFi, Games or IoT.

Community driven

Token will be used for zkVM layer 2 and also to help developers adopt zkVM

Getting started with Reddio zkVM