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Powering the next generation


Web3 Apps

Scale your DApps in minutes with the leading layer 2 technology fully secured by Ethereum

Integrate In-app NFT trading
within minutes

With our open source NFT marketplace framework,
you can customize your in-app/in-game experience easily

Mint your NFT with 0 gas fee

We utilize the world's leading scalability
solution to reduce gas fee down to zero

Trade your tokens
with 0 gas fee instantly

We compress bulks of tradings into one proof
So you can trade at lighting speed up to 10k TPS, and 0 gas fee

Powerful trading
functionalities available

We implement all the trading protocols like buy, sell, transfer
You can even list your NFT to all NFT marketplaces

Build experience for both
Web2 and Web3

We support authentication process with or without MetaMask

Powerful easy-to-use APIs

We agonize over the right abstractions, so your teams don’t need to stitch together
disparate systems or spend months integrating Web3 applications.
We offer developers the most used Web3 stacks like Java, Python, Javascript, Unity SDK to speed up the building process.



Get started with Reddio


zkNight is dedicated to Visionaries & Developers interested in ZK technologies. Panelists from Scroll, StarkWare & Reddio will share their knowledge on zero-knowledge cryptography and privacy in web3. Join us!

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*平台图标/*通用/定位Hong Kong