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Why Reddio?

Powering the next generation

Web3 Apps

Easy to use

Reddio is designed for developers by developers. We make it easy to integrate NFT into your application and beyond.

Highly scalable, reliable and fast response time

On layer 2 transactions, 10k TPS are supported. 99.9% APIs availability is guaranteed. Meanwhile your asset trading confirmation is on few second level only.

Secure and asset safety

Reddio provide App&Game specific zkRollup scaling layer to achieve scale while preserving the security of layer 1 Ethereum by producing STARK proofs off-chain and verifying those proofs on-chain. Meanwhile, all asset can be stored on Ethereum, users can interact with their assets at anytime, and transfer your assets to scaling layer and Ethereum with few lines of code. All assets are user managed with innovative anti-censorship mechanisms to ensure that users’ funds always remain in their custody.

No smart contract experience needed

Reddio provides APIs for both Ethereum & scaling layer on all the functions, hence developers don’t need experience on smart contract, Reddio generates and operate the smart contract on your behalf with easy-to- understand APIs.

Battle Tested

StarkEx has been in production on Mainnet since June 2020 to serve few most popular Apps, like dYdX, Sorare, Apex, etc.

Cross platform SDKs

We strive to make the integration easy for your applications, not only Javascript SDK is provided, Unity, iOS and Android SDKs are also provided too for future proof user experience.

Zero gas fee(custom gas fee supported)

With the partnership like Starkware, we can offer zero gas fee on scaling layer with our StarkEx integration and Starknet in future. You can also customize gas fee as your revenue too.

Self service and instant support

Reddio is built by developers for developers, we know self-service is a must for developers hence we build toward this direction, all the APIs/SDKs are well documented with developer dashboard to facilitate all your needs. Meanwhile, support is provided with Discord community. We listen to your need and convert them into products APIs.