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Web3 Apps

Scale your decentralized applications in 5 mins with the secure, low-cost, developer friendly Ethereum Layer 2, powered by StarkWare StarkEx, built to bring the next billion users to Web3.

Explore what Reddio can do

Mint NFTs on Reddio layer 2

You are allowed to mint NFTs on Reddio layer 2 with custom picture and zero gas fee.

Sell NFTs on Reddio layer 2

You will mint your own NFT and then sell it on Reddio layer 2 marketplace.

Buy NFTs on Reddio layer 2

You will receive ERC20 airdropToken to purchase NFT of your choice.

Integrate In-app and In-game digital assets and its payment
within 5 minutes

With our open source digital assets marketplace project, you can customize your in-app/in-game experience easily

Create your unique digital asset
with 0 transaction fee

We utilize the world's leading scalability solution to reduce transaction fee down to zero

Trade your digital assets
with 0 transaction fee

We compress bulks of tradings into one proof, So you can trade at lighting speed up to 10k TPS, and 0 gas fee

Powerful trading
functionalities available

We've incorporated comprehensive trading protocols, including buying, selling, and transferring, allowing you to easily list your unique digital collectibles on all NFT marketplaces

Build experience for both
Web2 and Web3

We support user onboarding with or without crypto wallet

Powerful easy-to-use APIs

We meticulously design the right abstractions, saving your teams from merging disparate systems or spending extensive time integrating Web3 applications. To expedite the building process, we provide developers with popular development stacks like Java, Python, JavaScript, and Unity SDK with no smart contract experience needed.

Effortless Scale

Reddio handles millions of requests every month trusted by thousands of developers.

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Ecosystem and Customers

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