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Connect to Starknet/Ethereum with

fastest speed
100k free requests each day

Wherever you are
we are fastest

We provide fastest connection to Starknet/Ethereum across the global. from Frankfurt to San Francisco, Reddio consistently demonstrated faster response times, quicker secure connection handshakes, and impressive server responsiveness.

Wherever you are
we can match

Reddio use pay-as-you-go pricing schema so that you don't have to worry buying a subscription that you don't wanna use anymore. And we will always provide 100k free requests each day. Only the portion above 100k will be charged.

Your public Starknet/Ethereum Gateway

Our public nodes' requests number are limited. You need to register an account for unlimited access. Check here for more details.

Starknet Mainnet v0.6
Starknet Mainnet v0.7
Starknet Sepolia v0.6
Starknet Sepolia v0.7